Bad Ass Warrior

Behind the scenes with Bad Ass Warrior

A psychopathic teenager who joined the villainous team, The Toxic Mega Cunts.


He reads about the Motherfucker's tweets about building an army of supervillains, any dangerous psycho, ex-cons, thiefts, etc. He joins this gang and goes under the name "Bad Ass Warrior".

When their lair was found and they were forced to battle Justice Forever, he took part in the fight and was soon defeated like his fellow members.


Bad Ass Warrior with terrified Toxic Mega Cunts of seeing the Justice Forever army


Bad Ass Warrior in the crowd


Equipment and WeaponsEdit

His costume is a black shirt with a TMC Logo on it, black cape, black pants with a cup and black boots. His weapons are two wooden boards with red stripes on it,one board has a piece of wood stuck on it like a hachet.


  • He is the third character to use "Ass" part of his name, the first being Kick-Ass and the second being Ass-Kicker.
  • The first two words in his name, Bad Ass, were actually one of Dave's original names for Kick-Ass in the first movie.

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