Big Joe
Big joe2
General Information
Real name: Joseph (assumed)
Aliases: Big Joe
Alignment: Bad
Portrayed by: Michael Rispoli

Big Joe is the right-hand man of mob boss Frank D'Amico in Kick Ass.



Joe informs D'Amico of the countless attacks on his men and theft of his cocaine at the hands of costumed vigilantes, although D'Amico and Joe both wrongly believe that Kick-Ass is behind the attacks.

However, they discover through the actions of D'Amico's son Chris, who disguises himself as the vigilante Red Mist, that another superhero, Big Daddy, is responsible for killing his father's men and stealing their cocaine. After tricking Kick-Ass into taking him to see Big Daddy and his daughter Hit-Girl, Chris shoots the latter while Big Daddy and Kick-Ass are both taken captive by D'Amico's men.

On national television and later the internet, Joe and his goons wear ski masks and handcuff Kick-Ass and Big Daddy to chairs and savagely beat them with knuckle dusters, baseball bats and Kick-Ass' own batons. They then prepare to burn both superheroes alive, but are stopped when Hit-Girl arrives to save them. Although they succeed in burning Big Daddy to death, they are all killed by Hit-Girl before they can finish off Kick-Ass.



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