Blast Hammer

Blast Hammer next to Insect Man, Mustard Man and behind Hit-Girl

A high-school student who joined Justice Forever and goes by the name "Blast Hammer".


He joined Justice Forever and went into hiding like most of the other members after Night Bitch got attacked by the Toxic Mega Cunts and the Mother Fucker.

Blast Hammer joined his fellow heroes into battle against the Toxic Mega Cunts. After the battle, he was seen the end of the film. Like the others, went back to his old life again.


  • Blast Hammer wears a red-bandana mask, black sport armor with two white crossing hammers logo within the blue circle on his chest plate, two white armbands with a red diamond with a white hammer, red boots, a long blue cape and gloves.
  • Underneath he wears a grey jumpsuit and a belt.
  • His weapons is a long sledge hammer, a can of mace and a tazer.


Blast Hammer 2

Blast Hammer behind Battle Guy and Insect Man


  • Blast Hammer is one of the many minor heroes and villains never credited.
  • Blast Hammer is a parody of Marvel's Thor and Mighty Duck's Wildwing Flashblade.
  • He mentions that he hasn't caught anyone yet as it is hard to run because of how heavy his suit is.

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