General Information
Alignment: Bad, Bully
Portrayed by: Claudia Lee

Brooke is a ringleader of a teenage school posse. She is a character featured in Kick-Ass 2 (2013), who is Mindy Mccready's classmate, and highschool bully/nemesis.


Kick-Ass 2

Brooke is the leader of the most popular (and horrible) group/clique in school. Mindy meets her at a slumber party, and Brooke is clearly jealous of her. However, she befriends Mindy and makes her a member of her posse. When Mindy upstages her in cheerleading tryouts, her jealousy of Mindy gets out of hand - she pulls a horrible prank on Mindy.

The next day, Mindy gets her revenge on her by using the Sick Stick on Brooke and her friends in the school lunch room, completely humiliating all three girls. It's later said that all three of them were sent home with "tummy aches."

Character traitsEdit

She is devious, cruel, greedy, spoiled, somewhat unruly and extremely self-obsessed; she's also very conniving, likes to manipulate anyone into precarious situations as well as have multiple someones as her followers and is known to have a temper if angered. Brooke also refers to herself as "Queen Bee" and often believes that others under her should just do as she tells them to do, normally portrayed as a nice girl towards adult figures & authority heads. But in reality, she's really a deceptive and bitchy spoiled brat with no respect for anyone at school or life in general in fact; being narcissistic enough to humiliate anyone that is better than her at things she's good at. Like when Mindy outdid her during cheerleader practices.



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  • Brooke appears to replace the character of Debbie Foreman from the Hit-Girl comic series.
  • Brooke was aged 16 at the time Kick-Ass 2 was filmed, making her slightly older than Mindy.