Colonel Stars
General Information
Real name: Sal Bertolinni
First Appearance: Kick-Ass 2 #1 - December, 2010
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: Genovese Crime Family
Justice Forever
Portrayed by: Jim Carrey
"It's time we had a little talk, Mister Kim"
―Colonel Stars[src]
Sal Bertolinni is an ex-mafia enforcer turned costumed vigilante called Colonel Stars. He was the leader of Justice Forever.



Sal started out as a soldier for the Genovese crime family, working alongside his brother Lieutenant Stripes. Then at some point, both brothers found religion and decided to repent for their crimes. Inspired by Kick-Ass, they formed the Justice Forever team and set out to clean up the city as superheroes.

Justice ForeverEdit

When Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes both formed Justice Forever, they invited several other superheroes to join. They recruited Remembering Tommy, Night Bitch, Insect Man, and Battle Guy. Soon after, Kick-Ass joined the group, and, after which, the team led an attack on an apartment which had been rumored to be a front for prostitution. Sal had his men attack the lowlifes that infested the apartment, and had his guard dog, Sophia, disable the head of the prostitution plot by signaling the animal to bite down on the man's testicles. After rescuing the prostitutes, Sal had promised the man that if he had heard any other rumors about the apartment, he would crush him.


Tragically, Sal ended up becoming the first victim of The Mother-Fucker and his new gang of super-villains. After killing him and trashing his hideout, they left his defiled body to be discovered by the police. His murder almost swayed Hit-Girl to come out of retirement. It is actually implied by Kick-Ass that he may have been in poor health before The Mother-Fucker murdered him.


As a born-again Christian, Sal didn't curse casually and despite his aggressive nature towards criminals, he was shown to be a very generous and inspirational person. He seems to be a genuine nice person making a difference. He later admits that although he has no problems letting his dog, Sofia, eat a criminal's genitals, the guns he carries are empty and are there purely for intimidation purposes.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit


  • On the one mission Kick-Ass accompanied him on, he displayed impressive combat skill when he knocked out a person with one punch.



  • The costume he wears is an Crye Multicam used by US Army and Airforce while deployed in Afghanistan with a dark sea green mask.
  • It hasn't been revealed whether or not the brothers actually served in the military at some point or if the costumes/codenames are merely a theme for their superhero identities.


  • He and the Lieutenant used baseball bats to beat gangsters into submission and even carried unloaded firearms as a means of intimidation.


In Other MediaEdit



  • In the film Kick-Ass, he is mentioned by one of Frank D'Amico's gang members, saying that he was killed, but he and his brother survived and were not killed by Big Daddy. This means they felt bad for being evil and want to changed their life.
  • When Kick-Ass is introduced to him, he doesn't seem to hold a grudge and gladly accepts him onto the team.
  • In the Movie, Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes are combined into one character, thus making Colonel Stars and Stripes.

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