Death Faces are two thugs hired by The Mother Fucker. These two super villains were once named Hoodlum 1 and Hoodlum 2, but are now known as Death Faces after Chris Genovese, also known as The Mother Fucker, gave them their new names when they joined The Toxic Mega Cunts.

Death Faces

Death Faces entering the Justice Forever's headquarter


Both of them were hired as Chris' personal thugs and robbed a small store. Chris killed the owner and they ran for their lives after the store owner's son, tries to attack them. Both of them return and help Chris with his training and revealed Kick-Ass' secret identity. They were re-hired and given new costumes with new villain names. 


The Death Faces and other members of The Toxic Mega-Cunts kidnapped Kick-Ass at the cemetery and took him to their evil lairHit-Girl kills both of them and others in van while rescuing Kick-Ass from their clutches.


  • They were once Hoodlum 1 and Hoodlum 2 in Hit-Girl, later named Death Faces in Kick-Ass 2.
  • They were the second and third villains to be renamed, the first is Red Mist/Chris Genovese.
  • Both of them are inspired by the film character Black Death. Both having similar costume themes and wear skull masks, which also inspired the costumes of the Villain gang, Skull and Bones.
  • They are a parody of Marvel's Crossbones, who is an enemy of Captain America.

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