A violent teenager who joined the Toxic Mega-Cunts and The Mother Fucker's cause.



He joined the Toxic Mega Cunts after The Mother Fucker rid the city of Colonel Stars and Stripes and assaulted Night Bitch. He was eager to takeover the city with his newfound allies. He later battles Doctor Gravity. He gets knocked out and handcuffed along with rest of the Toxic Mega Cunts by the end of the movie.

Character TraitsEdit

Aggressive, cruel and violent, Goggles is similar to Genghis Carnage for his love of violence and extremel loyalty to The Mother Fucker's cause.




  • Goggles has a similar hairstyle to Red Mist.
  • He resembles Javier, only as a teenager.
  • He wears Goggles, a chestplate with the TMC Logo and a long black jacket.
  • His weapons are two red handled hatchets.

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