The Hit-Girl suit is the protective suit created by Damon Macready and used by Mindy Macready as the real life superhero Hit-Girl.

Overview Edit

Comic Version: The suit is a complete purple/dark blue color with a black belt with two gun holsters at the side of them to hold two pistols. The suit also has white gloves that lead up to above the elbow. It also has a red and black cape which is held together with a padlock. The suit also has black boots. As to disguise her identity she wears a black/dark purple wig and a black eye mask.

Movie Version In the movie the suit is changed completely, the suit is now made out of purple leather with black knee pads and black leather gloves and boots. The cape of the suit is also completely black. She also wears a tartan skirt and a pink belt which has the initials 'HG' on the buckle. The mask is also made out of cloth and she wears a bright purple wig to disguise her natural hair color.

Upgrades Edit

In the comics, the suit isn't upgraded at all and remains the exact same, albeit with new weapons.

While in Kick-Ass, she upgrades the suit by adding a new holster onto it and in Kick-Ass 2, the suit is completely upgraded to fit her grown size, the skirt of the suit is now shorter and has holsters on the thighs to hold her throwing knives, more pads are added to the suit, this time on the elbows and the shoulders, the suit also has a new mask made from a new material and a new wig, this time it's a darker shade of purple.

History Edit

First suit Edit

The suit was created by Big Daddy (Damon Macready in the movies) and is worn by Mindy Macready. She is first seen wearing the suit when saving Kick-Ass from Eddie Lomas (Rasul in the movie). She later wore it to while saving Kick-Ass from John Genovese (Frank D'Amico in the movie) but was too late to save Big Daddy. She later wore it while fighting along with Kick-Ass against John Genovese.

Second suit (movie only) Edit

The suit is upgrade in the second movie (presumably to fit her taller size).

Owners Edit

Appearances Edit

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