A violent teenager that loves picking fights and later hearing that the The Mother Fucker is recruiting for his army of supervillains. He joins the Toxic Mega Cunts and goes as the powerful "Hooded Puncher."
Hooded Puncher

Hooded Puncher


Once a normal teenager with a nasty habit of picking fights and getting into trouble, he check on his Tweeter account and later joining up with other trouble making allies as "The Hooded Puncher". He was seen in battle with the Toxic Mega Cunts led by the Mother Fucker fighting against the Justice Forever led by Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. He is seen punching Kick-Ass's face as he was trying to chase after Chris. Like the other villains, he was defeated and arrested by the New York Polices.


  • The Hooded Puncher is similar to Genghis Carnage for their love of violence. 

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