Issue 8 "When Titans...PIMP-SLAP!!"Edit

After having been serverely beaten,Kick-Ass has enough right to the point wear he wants to kill somebody.When they finally get Genovese pen house he has an army redy to open fire on the two heroes.By, they have the upper hand when Hit-Girl reveal to have bought a flame thrower on ebay,she kills half of the men waiting at the elevator while Genvesse runs off to his kitchen.Meanwhile Kick-Ass find Red-mast and beats him until he's unconscious and states Your old man is right you are a PUSSY!!!!!!.While this happening Hit-girls kills most of Genovese men,until she is captured her self and beaten with a hammer,until Kick-Ass comes with a gun and shoots Genovese in the testicles.Hit-girls then grabs a butcher knife and slice Genovese head and kills the rest of Genovese's men.After thus Kick-Ass ask if she's ok she replies Can you hug me I just lost my daddy!.Over two weeks the police claims it just another gang violence.Mindy is reunited with her mother and is en-rolled to a new school were somebody already started to fight her,bit she emerges victorious.Mean while Dave tells kills Kati he isn't gay and is in love with her.Instead returning feelings she courses him out and order her boy friend to beat him up.When he returns he walk in on his Father having sex with Eddie Lomas Ex-girlfriend Lucille.Red-mist also send Kick-Ass sends a e-mail swearing his vengeance on him and other super hero who were inspired by Kick-Ass,while donning a new suite and saying Wait to they get a load of me!!!!!!!.