James Lizewski
General Information
Real name: James Lizewski
Aliases: None
Alignment: Neutral
Portrayed by: Garrett M. Brown
Status: Deceased
Appearances: Kick-Ass
Kick-Ass 2
"You seem like a different guy, you know that? Your mom would have been so happy to see you out of your shell like this."
―Jimmy Lizewski to his son, Dave. [src]

James Lizewski was the single father of David "Dave" Lizewski.



After losing his wife, who suddenly died from an aneurysm, Jimmy did not remarry. He loved his son Dave and was often concerned about his welfare.

When Dave was "found naked" by paramedics in an alley after being "mugged", Jimmy became worried that his son had been sexually assaulted, but Dave assured him that he wasn't raped, claiming that the medics thew his clothes away "because of the blood", much to Jimmy's relief.

He was unaware that the superhero Kick-Ass was none other than his own son.

Kick-Ass 2Edit

James notices over the past few weeks that his son is acting rather odd, like coming home with injuries on his face, and suspects him of sneaking out to partake in drug use. Later, he finds out the truth, his son is actually Kick-Ass. This revelation is hard on James, as he was frightened of the injuries his son would endure during his patrols. In retaliation to his father's concern, Dave moves out and stays at his friend Marty's house, stating it was like James who is never at home and no one would even notice him if he was gone.

After the Mother Fucker and his gang killed several police officers, the police track Kick-Ass's IP address and goes to the Lizewski house. Seeing the police rush to his door, James defends his son by claiming he is the superhero to protect his identity, providing proof with the costume on his couch.

Dave confronts his father in jail, opting to reveal his identity to the police to free his father. But James refuses, as his attorney had informed him that Kick-Ass has not actually done any actual crimes and would be free probably the next day. He then tells his son to promise to never dress up as Kick-Ass ever again, to which Dave agrees. However, his relation to Dave as his father is revealed to the Mother Fucker who has him brutally beaten and killed in his cell and sends a picture of his bloodied body to Dave, who is horrified and devastated.

To further the pain, James' funeral is attacked by the Mother Fucker's gang. In response, Dave returns as Kick-Ass and avenges his father by beating Mother Fucker at the final battle at his lair.



  • Canon (2 film)


  • "Promise me, you will never dress up in that outfit again."
  • Did they change the Bee's face?

Behind the scenesEdit

  • He is simply credited as "Mr. Lizewski" during the end credits of the first film.