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General Information
Real name: David Lizewski
Aliases: Kick-Ass
Alignment: Good/Hero
Affiliation: James Lizewski (father),

Alice Lizewski (mother)

Characteristics: Brave, Nerdy, Shy, Friendly, Caring, Smart
Portrayed by: Aaron Johnson
Appearances: Kick-Ass
Kick-Ass 2
"Who am I? I'm Kick-Ass."
―Dave Lizewski[src]
"You're Hit-Girl, whether it's make up or a mask, it's who you really are."
―Dave Lizewski to Mindy Macready

David "Dave" Lizewski is a teenager who is the superhero Kick-Ass. He is the main protagonist of Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2.



Dave Lizewski is considered to be an ordinary New York City high school student and is the child of James Lizewski, a loving single father after Dave's mother suddenly died from an aneurysm. In his point of view, he is not good at sports, and is not the smartest, socialy interactive person. His best friends are Todd Haynes and Marty Eisenberg. He has a crush on Katie Deuxma but she barely notices him.

He has a great interest in comic books and superheroes, but he wonders why no one wants to be a superhero. He takes his interest in comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. When he decides to fight crime, he purchases a costume from eBay, wields two batons, and calls himself "Kick-Ass". In his first attempt at crime-fighting, he tries to stop two thugs from stealing a car, but is stabbed and subsequently ran over by a car. Dave is taken to a hospital and undergoes intense physical rehabilitation. Metal plates are placed all over his body and his nerve endings now delay reactions to injuries, making him almost immune to physical pain. Rumors begin to spread around at Dave's school that he is gay due to "being found naked in an alley after being mugged", and Katie, believing the rumors, becomes sympathetic towards Dave and strikes up a friendship with him.

While attempting to rescue a missing cat named Mr. Bitey, Kick-Ass gets caught up in a gang-related attack involving three thugs viciously beating up one man. He uses his new-found ability to resist any form of pain to his advantage and fights off the gang, saving the injured man's life. His actions are recorded by a bystander and placed on YouTube, and Kick-Ass quickly becomes both an internet and national sensation.

Dave and Katie become closer and Dave reluctantly decides to go along with the rumor that he is gay in order to spend time with Katie. After learning from Katie that her abusive ex-boyfriend Rasul, a petty drug dealer, is continuously harassing her, Dave convinces her to leave Kick-Ass a message on his website to deal with Rasul personally. Kick-Ass goes to confront Rasul at his apartment to warn him off Katie. Rasul challenges Kick-Ass to stop him. Kick-Ass shoots Rasul with a taser, but is quickly overpowered by Rasul's thugs. Rasul grabs a knife and is about to kill Kick-Ass when he is suddenly impaled on a spear from behind by Hit-Girl, another costumed vigilante, who proceeds to fight and kill Rasul's thugs and steal his money. After introducing herself to Kick-Ass, she prepares to depart with her father and crime-fighting partner Big Daddy. She wants Kick-Ass to escape with them, but he is too afraid to risk his life by jumping from one rooftop to another. Disappointed, they leave without him. Dave returns home, feeling inferior compared to Big Daddy and Hit-Girl, and falls asleep, but later in the night, he is confronted by the duo, who, having discovered his identity after tracing his IP Dave becomes jealous when a new costumed hero called ‎Red Mist makes a name for himself as a crime-fighter. He agrees to meet him, and the two come to respect each other. Red Mist takes Kick-Ass for a ride in the Mist mobile, and the two arrive at a burning warehouse. The two search the place for survivors but everyone inside has already been killed. They escape just as the warehouse explodes.

Feeling overwhelmed by the seriousness of his situation, Dave decides to give up being Kick-Ass, but first, he decides to visit Katie under his Kick-Ass persona, revealing himself to her as Kick-Ass, and confesses that he is not gay. He apologizes and expresses his affection for her. Katie is initially hurt, but realises she loves him and the two become romantically involved.

Dave receives a long list of messages from Red Mist on his website, requesting another meeting. The two meet again, and Red Mist claims that the dead men from the burned down warehouse "had some motherfuckers for friends" who believe he and Kick-Ass killed them, and are after both of them. Kick-Ass agrees to contact Big Daddy and Hit-Girl for aid. The four meet at one of Big Daddy's safehouses, but Red Mist, who in reality is the son of mob kingpin Frank D'Amico, and merely posed as a superhero in order to lure out the vigilantes responsible for killing his father's henchmen and drug dealers, reveals himself to be a traitor when he repeatedly shoots Hit-Girl until she falls out of a window to her apparent death. A group of goons then raid the safehouse and capture both Kick-Ass and Big Daddy. D'Amico arranges for both Kick-Ass and Big Daddy to be executed on national television and later the internet as a message to the public that "being a superhero is bad for your health". The two are bound to chairs and tortured. The goons are about to set them both on fire when Hit-Girl (who survived due to wearing a bulletproof vest) appears and kills them all, but fails to stop one of the goons from burning her father alive, resulting in his death.

After making their escape, Dave offers to let Hit-Girl stay at his house, but she is determined to avenge her father and finish what they started; to bring down D'Amico's operation and take revenge for the death of her mother, who had commited suicide out of grief after Big Daddy (during his days as a police officer) was framed as a drug dealer by D'Amico after rejecting the crimelord's offer to work for him. She decides to give Kick-Ass a chance to atone for his inadvertent role in her father's death by helping her gain vengeance, and she gives him instructions on how to use a jetpack, combined with two gatling guns. With new-found confidence, Dave readies himself for the upcoming battle.

Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl launch an assault on D'Amico's headquarters, fighting their way through the gangster's henchmen. They come face-to-face with Red Mist and D'Amico himself. Kick-Ass fights Red Mist while Hit-Girl takes on D'Amico. During his brawl with Red Mist, the two knock each other unconscious at the same time. Kick-Ass soon recovers and grabs Big Daddy's bazooka, which had been stolen during the raid on Big Daddy's safehouse. He prevents D'Amico from killing Hit-Girl by blasting him out of his office window with the bazooka which explodes in mid-air instantly killing D'Amico. Kick-Ass lifts a wounded Hit-Girl in his arms and escapes on the jetpack. Kick-Ass reveals his true identity to Hit-Girl, although she already knows his real name having traced his IP address previously. Accepting him as a friend, Hit-Girl reveals her own true identity to Dave as Mindy Macready, and the two shake hands.

Dave and Mindy retire from crime-fighting and try to lead normal lives. Dave is trustful of the new superheroes inspired by Kick-Ass who have taken a stand against crime.

Kick-Ass 2Edit

In Kick-Ass 2 after Dave found out about the other superheroes he decided to get out his old costume. He later meets Doctor Gravity and tells him that a superhero team is forming he meets Night Bitch, Insect Man, Remembering Tommy, Colonel Stars and Stripes, and Battle Guy who he finds out it is Marty. later Dave found out about his dad being murdered in jail after he told the cops he is Kick-Ass Dave and Marty went to the funeral and the funeral was attacked by the Toxic Mega Cunts. after being saved by Hit-Girl Dave and Mindy team up to Battle Chris D'Amico and his army after Dave and Chris fight Chris falls in the shark tank and watch Chris die. Justice Forever along with Hit-Girl and Todd who calls himself Ass-Kicker call out superhero name everybody went back to normal except Dave he is Updating his equipment such as a green and yellow helmet and Green and yellow armor like Iron Man.

Character traitsEdit

Dave Lizewski is a sixteen-year old comic book fan who, despite having no super-powers, minimal fighting ability, and no training of any kind, is inspired to become a real life superhero due to his desire to help others, and frustration that no one else has ever tried to become a superhero, as well as feeling boredom and emptiness in his life. He buys a wetsuit on eBay and patrols the street in search for crime. After an unsuccessful attempt at stopping two thugs from stealing a car, he is stabbed and run over, and spends a long period of time at the hospital where he has many operations, including having metal plates placed inside his head. Despite his unfortunate start at being a real life superhero, he decides to try again after leaving the hospital and recovering from his injuries. He eventually manages to successfully defend a man being attacked by a group of thugs. His actions are filmed and posted on YouTube and he becomes an overnight celebrity who eventually begins inspiring more people to do what he does.

Although Dave is somewhat naive and not particularly strong or athletic, he displays a great deal of courage and determination despite going through a huge amount of physical pain throughout the story. His only unusual ability is a relatively high tolerance to physical blows, due to both damaged nerve endings and the metal plates in his head.

Unlike his comic book counterpart, Dave/Kick-Ass is less cowardly in the film version, as he openly shows courage on multiple occasions. First with when he saves the bystander from an attacking gang outside the Dip and Slip Donuts diner, and a second time when Dave fights off Christ D'Amico, and his father from Hit-Girl. 

Kick-Ass 2

Dave's overall demeanor and character have remained relatively unchanged from Kick-Ass (2010)

More to be added..

Skills, and AbilitiesEdit

When Dave became Kick-Ass he had no fighting experience at all & just made two batons to use as weapons but all he did was swing them around. The first time that Dave suits up, he is beaten within an inch of his life by two muggers and getting run over This leads to him taking a trip to the infirmary and finding out he has damaged nerve ending, giving him the ability to take more pain than usual. When Dave gets into his first real fight he is able to hold off a gang of thugs & protect an innocent man. Dave later learns how to use a jetpack with gatling guns to Save Hit Girl for D'Amico thugs & When Dave fights Chris he uses a broken nunchucks to replace his batons but again just swings them around & the battle ends in a draw until Dave later wakes up. Dave uses a Bazooka in the end to save Hit Girl from being killed by Frank. In The Second Film Daves fighting skills really improve when he gets trained by Mindy. Dave gets buff, becomes an expert to hand to hand combat & a pro at using his Batons.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • As well as a pair of batons, Dave also has a small taser which he keeps in between his batons, he is also seen using the taser to electrocute Rasul. Hit-Girl then teases him saying "That is one gay-looking taser". At the end of the first film he is seen using a jetpack with Gatling guns and also seen using Big Daddy's bazooka to kill Frank D'Amico. At the end of the second film he dons Big Daddy's armour to upgrade himself whereas in the comics he has no armour but instead upgrades his batons by putting nails in them.


Friends and AlliesEdit



  • Canon (2 films)

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Johnson said that Kick-Ass is a "sensitive guy" who lost his mother and is a "nobody" at school, so he creates his superhero identity "as this whole different persona." Johnson said that Dave is "a kid who’s got the guts to go out there and do something different."
  • In preparation for the role, Johnson received fitness and stunt training, and did a couple of weeks of doing fight choreography. He also requires a dialect coach for the American accent to suit the character.


  • In the first film, Kick-Ass guns down several of Frank D'Amico's thugs with gatling guns and blasts D'Amico himself with a bazooka to save Hit-Girl. In the comics, Kick-Ass does not kill anyone and refuses to do so.
  • In the film version of Kick-Ass, Dave's house number is shown to be "32"
  • Dave has a slightly higher capacity to take a beating because of "fucked up nerve endings" and metal plates from his accident in Kick-Ass (2010)
  • From Kick-Ass 2, Dave appears to have a fondness for Mindy, as he explicity expresses throughout the movie. He thinks Mindy is, Smart, Beautiful, Funny, and Stronger than anyone he knows. 
  • In Kick-Ass 2 Dave and the members of Justice Forever along with more superheroes he wears his suit along with Big Daddy's armor and a yellow belt with his initials K.A.
  • At the end of the film Dave is now Buff and he is making a new costume with a helmet and amor meaning that he will have a Iron-Man type suit except Red and Gold it is Green and Yellow.
  • The nature of Dave's age and his grade are unknown and are disproportionate to Mindy's age. Mindy has entered highschool in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) implying she is 15 years old, also directly stated in movie. While Dave's age was 16 in Kick-Ass (2010), the movie is set 2 years after the events of Kick-Ass (2010) as stated by the news reporter at the start of the film, "...In the two years since the first ordinary citizens donned capes and masks, the movement has started to spread. Making Dave 18 in Kick-Ass 2 (2013), and Mindy just turned 13 in Kick-Ass (2010) as her birthday had just been and she appears too young to have turned 14 as well as the fact that in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) it was said that she was in 9th grade and Marcus saying she just started highschool. Making both Dave and Mindy in highschool with Dave as a senior in Grade 12, aged 18, and Hit-Girl as a freshman, aged 15. To summarise, in Kick-Ass (2010) Dave has to be 16, a sophomore, because 2 years later, Kick-Ass 2 (2013), he is in his final year of highschool. Mindy in Kick-Ass (2010) has just turned 13 and 2 years later in Kick-Ass 2 (2013) is "...just starting highschool." making her 15, a freshman
  • Kick-Ass was not in fact the first superhero, Big-Daddy was, it is arguable that Kick-Ass is the first public superhero, as Big-Daddy's actions and targets were all done covertly.
  • Dave is Mindy's first kiss, and crush.
  • Dave's actor, Aaron Johnson, also played the Marvel superhero Quicksilver in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He will also be playing Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


  • "My only superpower was being invisible to girls."
  • "In the world I lived in superheroes only existed in comic books, I guess that would have been okay, if bad guys were make believe too, but they're not."
  • "You're Hit-Girl, whether's makeup or a mask, it's who you really are." - Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
  • "You’re smart, you’re beautiful, you're funny, and you’re the strongest person I’ve ever met, you can do anything." - Dave Lizewski to Mindy Macready, Kick-Ass 2 (2013)


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