Kick-Ass Vol 2 #3
Kick-Ass Vol 2 3
General Information
Series: Kick-Ass Vol 2
First Published: October, 2011
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #2
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #4


"Previously: Dave Lizewski is living out his dream in a team of superheroes...and they've caught themselves a bad guy."

Having broken up Jimmy Kim's card game, Colonel Stars and Lieutenant Stripes get the location of his prostitutes out of him; Kick-Ass and Battle Guy beat up Kim's younger brother while Night Bitch liberates the girls and Insect-Man gives them $50,000 from Kim's card game. The Colonel and the Lieutenant release Kim, threaten to return and burn the place down if Kim continues his operation. As the team leaves, Lieutenant Stripes admits to Kick-Ass that his and the Colonel's firearms are unloaded and only for show.

Later, the heroes of Justice Forever work at a soup kitchen, hand out leaflets for missing persons, and donate blood. The group's ranks expand with the additions of the Long Island Rocket-Man, the All Seeing Eye, Moon Bird, and The Enforcer; Justice Forever quickly becomes a celebrity group, earning "rounds of applause just for walking down the street." Soon after, Dave and Marty recruit Todd, who creates the superhero alter-ego "Ass-Kicker."

At school, Dave tries to persuade Mindy to return as Hit-Girl, but Mindy refuses, heading outside to meet her step-father. Dave returns home, planning to masturbate to Katie Deauxma's Halloween photographs on Facebook, but is confronted instead by father, who has discovered Dave's Kick-Ass costume and gear; Dave insists that he and his friends are superheroes, and storms out of the apartment as he father yells after him.

At the Justice Forever headquarters, Colonel Stars builds a new top for the garden table in the trophy room, but is attacked by a supervillain team led by Red Mist, who identifies the Colonel as Sal Bertolinni, a former Genovese mobster. The team destroys the Colonel's headquarters and beat him severely, eventually killing him. Twenty-four hours later, Vic Gigante and the police discover Bertolinni's body with Sophia's decapitated head placed over his like a mask; on the wall behind him, written in his own blood, they find the messages "RED MIST IS DEAD" and "LONG LIVE THE MOTHER FUCKER."

At the Williams residence, Mindy watches a news broadcast on FAX NEWS concerning the murder of Colonel Stars.


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  • Kick-Ass's batons
  • Battle Guy's shield
  • Night Bitch's staff
  • Lieutenant Stars's bat
  • Rocket-Man's jet-pack