Kick-Ass Vol 2 #4
Kick-Ass Vol 2 4
General Information
Series: Kick-Ass Vol 2
First Published: November, 2011
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #3
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #5


"Previously: Kick-Ass isn't the only one with a gang...the Motherfucker has assembled the Toxic Mega-Cunts, and things are about to get nasty."

In her diary, Mindy describes her mundane routine, taking riding lessons and watching formulaic animated films and having friends over. When she hears the news of Colonel Stars's murder, however, she realizes that Red Mist has returned and vows to stop him; Marcus, however, orders her to her room, and forbids her from resuming her activities as Hit-Girl. In her room, Mindy regrets that her father taught her to be so obedient.

At a diner, Kick-Ass, Battle Guy, and Ass-Kicker meets up with Moon Bird, Insect-Man, Remembering Tommy, Doctor Gravity, and All Seeing Eye to discuss the Colonel's death and the emergence of The Mother Fucker.

In a residential neighborhood at "218th Street between Second and Third," the Mother Fucker searches for Katie Deauxma's house, gunning down four children before ordering his team to "tear this place apart." He then proceeds to kill dozens of bystanders and neighbors on his way to the Deauxma residence, where his team shoots Katie's father before the Mother Fucker attacks Katie.

On the street, the police arrive, but are brutally attacked by Mother Russia, who promptly slaughters ten officers. At the Deauxma residence, the Mother Fucker and two of his men beat and rape Katie before fleeing from the house and join up with Mother Russia.

An hour later at the police department, a dozen detectives watch a news broadcast concerning the attack at 218th Street, and Vic Gigante orders his police to bring in "everyone with tights in their closet...for questioning," including Kick-Ass and his team. That night, the NYPD detains dozens of costumed vigilantes, eventually arriving at the Lizewski residence to arrest Kick-Ass. As the police knock on the door, Dave's father considers his son's costume.

At the hospital, Dave, Marty, and Todd visit Katie, who lies in a coma, and Dave blames himself for her attack; Todd and Marty try to console him until he receives a text message from Red Mist reading: "Forget the bitch. It's your OLD MAN you should be worried about, you prick! XX." Dave rushes from the room and hurries back to his apartment building, where he finds his father being arrested after having confessed to being Kick-Ass in order to protect Dave.


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  • Kick-Ass's batons
  • Battle Guy's shield