Kick-Ass Vol 2 #5
Kick-Ass Vol 2 5
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Series: Kick-Ass Vol 2
First Published: January, 2012
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #4
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 2 #6


"Previously: The heroes of New York have gone underground and the city's villains have gone on a rampage...things aren't looking good.

At Rikers Island, Dave visits with his father, who refuses to turn Dave in to save himself and insists that the police will stop The Mother Fucker's gang. Dave promises never to dress up as Kick-Ass again, and his father claims that he can handle himself in prison even as two burly inmates eye him from nearby.

At the Mother Fucker's secret headquarters, a crew installs a shark tank as Chris receives a call from Vic Gigante, who claims that the Mafia wants the Mother Fucker taken out. Chris promises to "tear [the] fucking system down" with an attack in "New York on Friday night," and Gigante promises to target Chris "like any other little scumbag." After hanging up on Vic, Mother Russia suggests using Dave's father to get to Kick-Ass.

At Rykers, two inmates approach Dave's father while he watches television. At the Eisenberg residence, Dave, Marty, and Todd discuss Dave's failure to mask his I.P. address and Mindy's reluctance to get involved in the matter before Dave receives a text message including a photograph which he soon realizes is his father beaten, murdered, and hung in prison.

At his father's funeral, Dave recalls that the picture of his father went viral, after which "the Mother Fucker declared a three-day ceasefire" and released Dave's true identity on Twitter. The members of Justice Forever were released from prison and attended Mr. Lizeswki's funeral, where Dave reminisces about what "a decent man" his father had been while blaming himself for his death. Dave resolves to move in with his cousins in Connecticut now that superhero activity has been banned, and Mindy, having attended the funeral with Marcus, agrees that Dave leaving is "the only way to calm things down."

Moments later, however, Mindy saves Dave and Marcus as a group of villains attacks the funeral, bombing the cemetery and opening fire on the mourners before kidnapping Dave and fleeing the grounds with him in a van. The kidnappers claim that Dave is in "for the worst night of [his] life" as a witness to "Manhattan's big atrocity," and proceed to beat him before they are suddenly, mysteriously picked off one by one with gunfire.

At the cemetery, Marcus searches for Mindy, and one of the police officers searches for his gun. Meanwhile, on the road, a bloodied Mindy clings to the roof of the van with an MP5K.


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