""I never planned any of this, man. When I was a kid all I wanted was to be a superhero. I don't know how I ended up Doctor goddamn Doom." - Chris Genovese"
Kick-Ass Vol 3 #2
KickAss3 Issue2
General Information
Series: Kick-Ass Vol 3
Issue Number: 2
First Published: July 2013
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass 3 #1
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 3 #3


  • Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown…and that goes double for the cowl! Kick-Ass is now leading the reformed superhero team Justice Forever...just in time to face some terrifying new foes. But there’s dissension in the JF ranks; will he be able to fend off a coup with Hit-Girl still in prison? Meanwhile, a broken Red Mist gets some tough love from Mommie Dearest.


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Todd Haynes
  • Insect-Man
  • Night Bitch
  • All Seeing Eye
  • Moon Bird
  • Doctor Gravity
  • Ass-Kicker
  • The Enforcer
  • Lieutenant Stripes (Death) 


  • Rocco Genovese

Other Characters:

  • Valerie
  • Angie Genovese
  • Gary Hegarty
  • Vic Gigante
  • Chris Genovese
  • Pedro
  • Ivan


  • The Streets of Jersey
  • Supermarket
  • Hospital Wing of a Prison
  • Angie Genovese's House in New York
  • Dave Lizewski's Workplace
  • Prison


  • Guns


  • Valerie's car



Writer and Co-creator - Mark Millar                      

Letters - Chris Eliopoulos

Pencils and Co-creator - John Romita Jr.                      

Editor - Jennifer Lee

Inks and Washes - Tom Palmer                                    

Variant Cover Pencils and Inks - Duncan Fegredo

Colors - Dean White                                                      

Variant Cover Colors - Peter Doherty


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