"Two hundred and forty-one times."
Kick-Ass Vol 3 # 4
Kick-Ass 3 Vol 1 4
General Information
Series: Kick-Ass Vol 3
Issue Number: 4
First Published: September 2013
Previous Issue: Kick-Ass 3 #3
Next Issue: Kick-Ass 3 #5


  • Dissension in the ranks! Kick-Ass has had it up to HERE with the newest (and laziest) member of Justice Forever. But when he finally takes a stand…will the rest of the team back him up? Also, the super-villain formerly known as Red Mist faces an education from the most terrifying crime boss in the Genovese family.h ::) dead f h cfffghjjhfn



  • Insect-Man, The Juicer and Doctor Gravity die in this issue, along with a man dressed up as a dog for charity.