The Kick-Ass suit is the protective suit created and used by Dave Lizewski as the real life superhero Kick-Ass.

Overview Edit

Comic Version: The suit is a full turquoise color with yellow stripes all over it, it also possesses yellow gloves and yellow steel toed boots. On the back of the suit contains a holster to hold his batons.

The mask of the suit lines up with the rest of the costume, it also has a slit in the eye area for Dave to see out of.

Movie Version: The Movie version of the suit is the same as in the comics, but the only change made to it is that there is another hole in the mask, this time in the mouth area.

Upgrades Edit

Comic Version: The suit isn't really upgraded in the comics, except for when Dave puts Nails through the batons when going up against the Mother Fucker.

Movie Version: In Kick-Ass 2 the suit is completely upgraded with Dave taking parts from Big Daddy's suit and adding it to his own to go up against the Mother Fucker and The Toxic Mega-Cunts. He is later seen making a new upgraded version of his costume made out of Metal.

History Edit

First Suit Edit

Dave Lizewski took possession of the suit sometime after deciding he wanted to become the first real life superhero. He went online and ordered the suit. He later wore it for his first mission as 'Kick-Ass', but the suit was damaged and blood stained from being stabbed and hit by a car. The suit was later presumed to be thrown away by the Paramedics.

Second Suit Edit

Sometime after recovering from his injuries, he presumably ordered a brand new suit online, this one had been upgraded with a holster on the back of the suit to hold both of his batons.

Upgrades Edit

In the Comics the suit remains the same, while in the Kick-Ass 2, the suit is completely upgraded with Big Daddy's old gear, with the belt of the suit having the initials 'KA' on the buckle.

Owner Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if the second suit which he names 'Kick-Ass 2.0' after recovering from being stabbed and hit by a car is the same one or if he ordered another one online.
  • At the end of Kick-Ass 2, he can be seen making a armour version of his suit made out of metal.

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