Long Island Rocket-Man
General Information
Real name: unknown
First Appearance: Kick-Ass 2 #3 - October, 2011
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: Justice Forever

The Long Island Rocket-Man is a superhero operating in Long Island, New York City.

He was inspired by Kick-Ass, and later joined the superhero team Justice Forever.


To Be Added.



  • Rocket-Man doesn't appear to have any weapons, except for a jet-pack made of balsa wood.



  • Rocket-Man is similiar to the hero The Rocketeer, who also wore a red jacket, a bronze helmet with a fin running down the middle, and had a jetpack (albeit, one that worked)
  • In Kick-Ass 2, Rocket-Man does appear but he wears a silver suit with a silver helmet and a silver mask with a silver jetpack.

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