Luigi is the The Mother Fucker's personal supplier of getting any weapons, tools or whatever his boss needs for the Toxic Mega Cunts army. Luigi is original member of the gang. 

Luigi setting up the Motherfucker's Lair


He, Death FacesFuck-Knuckle and Mother Russia follow Chris to the headquarter of the Justice Forever, helping killing Colonel Stars and wrecking the base of operation. After a few crime and assault on Katie Deauxma, he hire some guys to set up the Lair and plan their attack at Time Square. 


It's possible Luigi died in battle or arrested by authorities.


  • Luigi is later

    Luigi behind Mother Russia

     replaced by his film counterpart, Javier.
  • Despite dressing up as like a stereotypical mad scientist when doing supervillain activities, he is never seen doing anything directly science-related.

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