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"You will not shoot, you are superhero, you help people, you do not hurt them. "
―Mother Russia to Colonel Stars and Stripes
Mother Russia
General Information
Real name: Katarina Dombrovski
Aliases: Mother Russia
Alignment: Bad
Portrayed by: Olga Kurkulina
Appearances: Kick-Ass 2

Katarina Dombrovski, also known as Mother Russia, is the secondary antagonist in Kick-Ass 2. She is a bodybuilder and former KGB member who joined The Mother Fucker's evil army.


Katarina Dombrovski is a former KGB member and Gulag inmate. While in the Gulag, she exercised and trained everyday. Also, she is mentioned she to have eaten her cell-mate. At Javier's suggestion, she is hired by The Motherfucker and becomes part of his Toxic Mega Cunts as the supervillain Mother Russia. Mother Russia is easily the strongest and most skilled member of the group; She is able to effortlessly shrug off Hit Girl's blows and easily eliminate 10 police officers. As an ex-KGB agent, she is an expert in both armed and unarmed combat and can use virtually anything as a deadly weapon. Mother Russia is the highest paid member of the gang ($50,000 per week). She puts Colonel Stars and Stripes in a headlock, snaps his neck, and decapitates him.

She later joins the Mother Fucker who he plans to attack and rape Night Bitch, when the police arrive she brutally murders every single one of them, she later flees the scene with the Toxic Mega Cunts.

In the climatic final battle, Mother Russia faces Hit Girl and proves to be more than a match for her, handily subduing the teenager. She puts Hit-Girl in a headlock and she was about to snap Hit-Girl's neck the same way she did to Colonel Stars and Stripes. However, she meets her end when Hit Girl produces a syringe which Mother Russia assumes to contain poison, but is in fact full of adrenaline. Mother Russia injects Hit Girl with the adrenaline giving her increased strength and speed. Hit-Girl quickly overpowered Mother Russia, and broke out of the headlock. then swiftly stabbed Mother Russia multiple times with glass shards. Before finishing Mother Russia off, Hit Girl tells her "I thought a cunt like you could handle all those little pricks", in Russian.



  • Colonel Stars - Stabbed, stranglehold, snapped neck, and then decapitated.
  • Killed 10 cops during the Mother Fucker's assault at Night Bitch's residence.

Character TraitsEdit

Mother Russia is immensley strong. She has been able to rip a car door off its hinges and batter a police officer with it. Having been a former member of the Spetsnaz, she is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, even to the extent of subduing Hit-Girl, who is thought to be the most skilled character in the Kick-Ass Universe. Although capable, and unhesitant to kill, the film version of Mother Russia does not show any display of sheer sadism, unlike other memebers of the 'Toxic Mega Cunts, she does not show an interest in torture, and seems to simply put down enemies. Nevertheless, Mother Russia is shown to be almost completely ruthless, offering to kill Eisenhower simply for the sake of interest.


  • Canon (1 film)


  • Mother Russia has arguably killed the 2nd most people in the Kick-Ass film series, only 2nd behind Hit-Girl.
  • Mother Russia almost single handedly defeated Hit-Girl whom is considered the most powerful character skill set wise, in the Kick-Ass universe. She might have arguably been better, if it wasn't for the aid of Adrenaline.
  • Unlike her comic counterpart, Mother Russia is given a real name, Katarina Dombrovski.
  • Also unlike her comic counterpart, Hit-Girl decapitated Mother Russia when Mother Russia got distracted. It is unknown how she died in the film.
  • Mother Russia's costume is a red bikini with yellow hammer and sickle on her bra black gloves and boots with a bullet belt with TMC logo on it and a black eye patch with the red hammer and sickle on it. She carries a gigantic knife inscribed with the Russian proverb: "Бог дал, Бог и взял (Bog dal, Bog I vzyal.)" Literally translated: "God gave, God took back" or, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away."
  • Her comic counterpart had long brown hair with braids. While her film version she has short blonde hair.
  • As a former KGB operative, its is assumed that her hand to hand skills are a mix of the Russian martial arts of Systema (Hand to Hand skills and weapons) and Sambo (Russian MMA fighting art).
  • Mother Russia's background in the comics has her listed as ex-KGB and Spetznaz.  This would have been in error as the Spetznaz were organized and operated by Soviet military intelligence, the GRU.


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