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Mrs. Lizewski
General Information
Real name: Mrs. Lizewski
First Appearance: Kick-Ass #2
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Portrayed by: Elizabeth McGovern
"Oh, David. You're such a selfish boy. Don't you realize that if you die now, poor Dad will be all alone?'"
―Mrs. Lizewski[src]

Mrs. Lizewski was the wife of James Lizewski and the mother of Dave Lizewski.

She died of an aneurysm when Dave was fourteen years old.

In Other MediaEdit

Film VersionEdit

  • In the 2010 film, Mrs. Lizewski's first name is Alice, and is portrayed by Elizabeth McGovern
  • Mrs. Lizewski dies in the film version of a brain aneurysmAliceLizewski

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