A vigilante team making their appearances known and seeking to end Justice Forever's existence. They appeared in Kick-Ass 3 Issue #5.
Skull and Bones messages the world

Skull and Bones's video broadcast


Vic Gigante is facing problems with his boss and needs to get Kick-Ass and the superhero out the way. Vic cames with a idea to dress as vigilante group of their own, simply known as "Skull and Bones".
Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones breaking and entering

As the Skull and Bones heading to a small criminal operation, they crash through the door and killing a gang member. They kill them all the gangsters and Vic send web message to the world, insuring everyone they end of the other low-lives and taking back their community. But, with extreme force and their way.
Kick-Ass 3-04 23

Vic bring the costumes and forms the Skull and Bones


  • Vic Gigante is the leader and founder of the Skull and Bones.
  • This second villain group created against Kick-Ass and the Justice Forever, the first was Toxic Mega Cunts. But, they are pretending to be a team of anti-heroes and gaing the citizens favor over the Justice Forever. 
  • Unlike Chris's villain team, they're quite powerful and more dangerous than Kick-Ass and the Justice Forever ever had to face before. 
  • They form this team to ending crime which means killing them and taking back their communtiy, which is lie. Actually, they want kill all of New Yorks City's superheroes. Including, Kick-Ass and Hit-girl.  
  • Like Chris's method of getting Kick-Ass to meet him in person and tricking him to lead to Hit-Girl and Big Daddy's lair, they're trying to trick the Justice Forever to join them and luring them out of jealously. 
  • The team's use of skulls in their costume and extreme force is similar to Frank Castle(the Punisher) from Marvel.
  • Their use of skulls on their mask is also similar to the Ghost Squad from Call of Duty Ghosts.

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