Vic Gigante
General Information
Real name: Victor Gigante
Created by: Mark Millar
John Romita, Jr.
Affiliations: New York Police Department
Genovese Crime Family
Portrayed by: Xander Berkeley

Victor "Vic" Gigante is a corrupt detective in the New York Police Department who secretly works for the Genovese Crime Family. But, Kick-Ass 3, he forms his team as anti-heroes called "Skull and Bones". But, they are villlains sent to kill Kick-Ass, the Justice Forever and Hit-Girl.


Vic Gigante is a detective in the NYPD, who in reality is a corrupt cop secretly working for the Genovese Crime Family.

Massacre at Katie's NeighborhoodEdit

Red Mist (now using the code name "The Motherfucker") has begun recruiting his own group of villains using social media and his father's wealth. Together, they launch a full-on assault upon the suburban neighborhood where Katie Deauxma (Kick-Ass's unrequited crush) lives. Nearly a hundred innocent children, police officers, and Katie's father are sadistically killed by The Motherfucker and his henchmen, who then take turns gang raping Katie.

The massacre leads the police (led by Detective Vic Gigante, who secretly works for The Motherfucker as a mob informant) to scapegoat the super-heroes for the deaths. All known heroes are rounded up and put into police custody, including the members of Justice Forever.

Battle At Times Square Edit

In Times Square, the Motherfucker starts his killing spree, only to be stopped by the army of heroes backing Kick-Ass. While Hit-Girl kills Motherfucker's bodyguard "Mother Russia", the police arrive to help the heroes. However, they are led by Gigante, who orders ALL masked combatants arrested, allowing Motherfucker to escape. Kick-Ass chases after him and after a rooftop fight, Motherfucker falls to the ground mortally wounded. Reluctantly, Kick-Ass summons help but gets accused of attempting to kill his rival. Hit-Girl spirits him away and the rescuers only see the young heroine, who is promptly blamed for the crime.

Once Kick-Ass is safe, Hit-Girl steals a police car in order to escape, but Gigante stands in the vehicle's path under the belief that Hit-Girl will never kill a cop. His hunch pays off and Hit-Girl swerves, crashing the vehicle and is arrested. When Marcus tries to come to her aid, he is also arrested by Gigante, when he is baited into revealing that he knew his step-daughter was the infamous Hit-Girl. Hit-Girl is then led away in cuffs, though the crowd of survivors cheers her on for her role in stopping the Motherfucker and his group.

Kick Ass 3Edit

In Kick Ass 3, Gigante and three other cops don costumes and rob Rocco as the Skull & Bones Gang, with the intention of amassing a fortune and leaving New York before Rocco can take control of the East Coast. In response, Rocco orders the killing of everyone found in a mask, resulting in the deaths of Insect Man, The Juicer, and Dr. Gravity, and the kidnapping of Todd. Vic received a called about Hit-Girl planning to killed Rocco and loyal mafia bosses, he praised of his rid himself of his mafia and the two lousy superheroes. He and fellow crooked cops hunt down Hit-Girl and kill her. He believes he's finally caught Hit-Girl outside of the Mafia's secret meeting operation, he thanks her of ridden him of his about the mafia bosses for him and now gloating he'll takeover the mafia operations after he kills this superhero. But, she lured him and his cops to a trap. Underneath their feet and police cars are remote controlled grenades all over the ground covered in grass, she set it off and the crooked cops died or fatally injured from the explosion of the grenades and being crushed by the flip over cop cars on their bodies. Vic is brutally injured when Hit-Girl punches him in the groin , shattering his entire pelvis and incapable of walking anymore as Hit-Girl's message to end his criminal lives. Few months later, his confessions of criminal activities he participated and rooted out the people who work along side with him. Vic lost his position to Marcus and sentence to jail. He is promised by Hit-Girl, long he confess to court everything he did as a crooked cop and she not kill him as sense of pity for him.


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Skills and AbilitiesEdit


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In Other MediaEdit



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